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LAC Provides legal appearance in courts, conduct awareness raising programmes and clinics are to provide legal aid to deserving persons. The term 'deserving person' has not been defined in the law and has been given an interpretation by the LAC using the internationally recognized tests-

Means Test

Deserving persons under the 'means test' are those individuals receiving a monthly income of Rs. 25,000.00 or less. The income level has to be verified by the Grama Niladhari of the area. In appropriate cases, the Director or Legal officer of a relevant center in authorized and has the discretion to be flexible in providing legal aid to destitute persons whose income level may exceed Rs. 25000/= per month.

In this context if a father of a family has an income of Rs. 25,000.00 or more per month, the wife, son, daughter or any other member of the family could seek legal aid irrespective of the fact that the father has an income of Rs.25000.00 or more per month. It is the income of the individual that is considered in granting legal aid.

Justice Test

The justice test would be used in providing legal aid when the ambit of the litigation transcends adjudication of personal disputes to affect a group or a wider class of persons.

Special Status For Woman In Maintenance Cases

Legal aid is available to all women seeking maintenance for themselves and for their children irrespective of their income/financial status.

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Legal advise is given to any person without taking into consideration the income level of such person.

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